Are you planning to build a deck? Modern decks come in just about any shape and size you want, so your options are largely only limited by your terrain and your budget. But if these constraints don’t limit your choices too much, how can you decide between a single, sprawling deck and a multilevel entertainment centerpiece? Here are the pros and cons of each style.
Pros of Single Level Decks
A single level deck is probably the most inexpensive deck you can build. If you’re on a budget, this gives you the largest lounge space for your buck. Single level decks are done quickly because they don’t call for many specializations – so you can get outdoors quicker and easier.
Basic, flat deck space is perfect for those with a small yard and few outdoor needs. Do you just want a spot to relax and enjoy a quiet Sunday morning? Like to entertain only another couple or two for dinner?
A single level deck keeps it easy and doesn’t cause you to overspend for things you won’t actually use. On the other hand, if your friends like to hang out together as a big group, a simple flat deck could be just what you need.
Cons of Single Level Decks
If you put all your outdoor entertainment needs on one single surface, you’ll either need a larger space or you won’t be able to fulfill all your desires with the deck. If you have a small yard, a flat deck could eat into your landscape or gardening space, leaving little of the rest of the yard to enjoy.
It’s also harder to designate zones for different uses. If you separate the outdoor kitchen from the kids’ play area or gardening corner, it may result in a more haphazard look. However, different elements, such as rows of potted plants or low knee walls, can accomplish the separation.
Pros of Multilevel Decks
A multilevel deck allows you to create separated outdoor entertainment zones. You could put an outdoor kitchen, for instance, on the main floor with a staircase to an upper deck where the view of the sunset is better.
Different zones mean you can do more with your outside space, which boosts the usefulness of the entire deck. You could host a larger party, eating in a ground level outdoor dining room while the kids play on a second level and friends have a quiet chat on a midsection.
If you have odd terrain in your yard – like a slope, uneven ground, or rocky landscaping – going vertical is a great solution. The footprint of the deck will be smaller, so you can work around things like trees, outbuildings, and particular views that you want to keep. And it can rescue what was an unusable yard by covering it with a more useful, flat space for enjoying the outside.
Finally, if you have a multilevel house, a multilevel hardscape could even make the upper floors more useful. Add a staircase or ramps between floors, and you can move easily between the outdoor kitchen below and the master suite above.
Cons of Multilevel Decks
The biggest drawback for most homeowners is the cost of a multilevel deck. They become much more intricate than traditional decks and require more supports of different types and placement. Not only is this likely to cost more, but it may also add more support elements that could be visible or interfere with usage of the ground underneath. A big, multilevel deck could also overpower a smaller home.
Which style of deck is right for your yard? There are upsides and downsides of each type, so it’s a personal decision. For help finding a deck that matches your budget, your terrain, and your outdoor style, talk with the deck experts at Harco Exteriors, LLC, today.

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