As a proud homeowner, you want your home to make a good impression on visitors and passersby. The right fence can make a big difference in the appearance of your home. Matching your fence to the style and color of your home’s exterior, as well as other outdoor elements, is important and can mean the difference between a fence that enhances the beauty of your home or one that detracts from it.

Consider Your Shutters, Trim, and Accents

One of the easiest ways to find the perfect fence for your home is to match the color of the fence to the color of your shutters and trim. A white home with black shutters and trim will benefit from a dark fence, such as iron or other metals, while a white fence may appear washed out.

If your front door is a bold color, a wooden fence in a color to match your front door can provide an interesting visual appeal that pulls your outdoor space together. However, your home should remain the main focal point with your fence complementing, not competing, with its style.

Consider Your Outdoor Elements

Taking all outdoor elements into consideration when deciding what style of fence to use will help your fence blend in smoothly with your outdoor space.

For instance, if you have a natural wood deck, pergola, or arbor, a white or dark fence can appear mismatched to the rest of your outdoor design style. Instead, consider a natural wooden fence. If your outdoor elements are white, a dark fence can appear too harsh and can draw the eye away from the landscape and exterior of your home.

You should also consider the material of your outdoor elements. A vinyl deck and pergola will look best with vinyl fencing. A wood fence is best if your other outdoor structures are wooden.

Consider what outdoor elements you want to showcase when selecting your fence. If you plant lovely flower gardens and wish to show off your landscape, choose see-through fencing rather than privacy fencing. You may also want to consider fencing in lower heights if you don’t want to obstruct the view of your lovely landscape.

Consider Your Home’s Style

It’s important to take your home’s design style into consideration when selecting fencing. A fence style that clashes with your home design can affect the aesthetic value of the home.

For instance, colonial, Cape Cod, and Victorian homes look good with picket style fencing. Metal fencing is a good option for Spanish and Mediterranean homes.

White aluminum, vinyl, and wooden fencing is a good match for modern and contemporary homes and looks appealing with the clean lines and simplicity of the modern theme.

Consider Your Home’s Building Materials and Color

If your home is primarily brick, you can’t go wrong with iron fencing. The earthy look of stucco and stone homes make them a good match for black aluminum fences. Houses with vinyl siding can benefit from vinyl fencing.

The color of your home also makes a difference when selecting fencing. Cooler color palettes like blue or light gray will look best with light or neutral shades of fencing, such as white or light wood. If your home’s exterior is a bold or loud hue, a natural wood stained fence can help to tone down the boldness.

The right fence will complement the exterior of your home rather than detract from it, which should be the goal of any fence you put up. Contact Harco Exteriors, LLC, to discuss options regarding how to choose the right fence to enhance the beauty of your home with our team of professionals.

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