Your wood fence is built for privacy and security, but you may be concerned that it isn’t secure enough. Luckily, you can increase the security of even the strongest privacy fence. Read on for a few things you can do to either improve an existing fence or plan for a new one.

1. Add Anti-Climbing Spikes

While they sound dangerous, anti-climbing spikes are designed to deter rather than injure. An anti-climbing spike is an uncomfortable, spiked piece of metal that fits across the top of a fence. A climber can’t get on top of the fence without hurting themselves, so it discourages people from even trying.

Before you install these, check your local laws. Things like barbed wire will be more serious than anti-climbing spikes, and could cause real injury to people. Check with your fence company regarding what’s safe to use.

You can also install rolling bars on the top of your fence. They don’t have spikes or cause injury; instead, they roll when someone tries to climb them, which means it’s difficult to climb.

2. Face the Rough Side In

The rough side of the fence is the side has all the posts and brackets. This allows for easier purchase .To keep people from climbing into your home, you may need to sacrifice the interior appearance of your fence by keeping the uglier side facing inwards.

On the bright side, the outside of your fence will look nicer. Of course, this doesn’t mean no one can climb the outside of the fence; this will just be harder.

3. Make the Fence Taller

The taller the fence, the more secure it is. Most fences are 4 feet to 6 feet tall. A privacy fence is likely to be 6 feet tall or higher. You may need to check your city’s regulations regarding how tall fences can be, and it’s possible that you will need a permit for a fence that is higher than average. Every foot will make your fence more difficult to scale.

4. Add Thorny Plants

Consider growing some thorny plants along the outside of your fence to add another deterrent. Not only is this likely to dissuade anyone from trying to climb up into your yard, but it’s also a stylish choice. Many thorny plants, such as rose bushes, double as excellent landscaping. You can go to your local garden center to find out more about your options.

5. Use Anti-Climb Paint

Anti-climb paint is a special paint that you usually use on the top of things like fences and poles. It never quite dries, remaining slippery and tacky. If someone does try to climb up it, they just slide right off. Anti-climb paint has been used by the government, commercially, and by private individuals.

However, it’s usually only advised to use at the top of fences, because otherwise it can rub off on people who simply lean against or touch the fence. You should always have a sign posted warning of anti-climb paint.

6. Install Cameras and Flood Lights

A camera mounted to the top of a fence will easily discourage a criminal. Most criminals are looking for easy targets, and if it’s obvious that your home is under surveillance, they’re likely to move along. Flood lights are also an excellent way to deter criminals.

Your flood lights can be motion detecting, so they turn on abruptly when someone approaches. Not only is that convenient for you (you’ll always have energy-efficient, exterior lighting), but it’s startling for anyone with criminal motivations.

Though you have many ways you can improve a fence, just having a wooden privacy fence is usually enough to deter most criminals. To get a quote on your next wood fence, call Harco Exteriors, LLC.

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