The right fence can enhance the safety and security of your home. Most homeowners know that the addition of a privacy fence to their backyard can add value, but there are some less-obvious benefits you can enjoy when you make the choice to invest in a privacy fence for your property.
1. Reduced Insurance Rates
Did you know that your monthly homeowners insurance rates can be affected by the installation of a privacy fence?
Insurance companies evaluate risk to help determine how much each of their clients should pay. A privacy fence creates a visual barrier between your home and anyone passing by. Would-be criminals can’t see your valuables if your home is surrounded by a privacy fence. This reduces the likelihood that your home will be targeted for theft.
Since your risk of filing a burglary claim is lower with a privacy fence, your insurance company might lower your monthly rates to reflect the reduction in risk.
2. Protection Against Wind
Strong wind gusts can wreak havoc on your property. Everything in your yard is at risk of being blown away or damaged by objects carried into your yard by the wind. A privacy fence can’t stop severe weather conditions from hitting your area, but a sturdy fence can offer your backyard a certain level of protection.
Quality privacy fences act as a wind barrier. Your fence will take the brunt of the impact generated by strong wind gusts and prevent high winds from entering your yard. Just be sure that your fence posts are buried deep in the ground to give your privacy fence added strength.
If you live in an area where high winds could strike at any time, a privacy fence is a great safety feature.
3. Increased Animal Safety
If you share your home with a dog or cat, your pet will need a safe place to explore the great outdoors. Privacy fences can create a safe enclosure for your pet within your backyard.
A sturdy fence will not only keep your pet inside, it will prevent stray animals from wandering onto your property. The presence of a stray can cause your own pet significant stress and discomfort, as animals rely on territorial boundaries for security. With an effective privacy fence, you ensure that only your animal is using your yard.
Privacy fences can also shield your pet from passersby. Obscuring your pet’s view of the street beyond your backyard can keep the animal quiet and protect against potential pet theft in the future.
4. Improved Neighborly Relations
An attractive privacy fence can help you avoid potential disputes with your neighbors by establishing clear boundary lines between the two properties. There is no risk of having a neighbor plant a tree or flowerbed on your side of the property line with a fence in the way.
The privacy that a fence can offer will also help foster good relationships with your neighbors. You might love your neighbors, but that doesn’t mean you want to be under their watchful eye at all times. You can enjoy the time you spend with friends and family in your backyard without worrying that your neighbors are looking on.
Your fence can also protect the privacy of your neighbors by blocking their activities from your view.
Professional installation can make all the difference when it comes to the strength, durability, and attractiveness of your privacy fence.
Call Harco Exteriors, LLC, to discuss your fencing options. We can provide you with quality craftsmanship, the finest materials, and the experience needed to construct a privacy fence that can withstand the test of time.
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