If you love capturing pictures and moments of your family, then you know that the location is one of the key elements. When you take pictures at your own home, you have the ability to create all types of memories of children playing together, adults hanging out, and family bonding.

To help enhance your family photos, consider a variety of upgrades in the backyard. Each one includes multiple advantages for your photos along with the advantages for everyday living.

1. Raised Decks

A large deck area offers a lot of space for families to hang out. When it comes to photography, the deck offers an ideal location to snap pictures in natural light and capture multiple types of memories.

Decks may be used for family meals or other activities like board games. A raised deck installation also comes with additional photography benefits. While on the deck, the background views are higher. Photo backgrounds may include the landscape of the neighborhood or backyard as opposed to just the ground level.

A higher deck also offers a different perspective when you shoot pictures of your family in the backyard. For example, a raised position could help you get a unique angle of a family playing Wiffle ball or swimming in a pool down below.

The higher deck gives a whole new perspective and may completely change the way you take various images, including all types of overhead shots.

2. Privacy Fences

The background of an image makes a big difference when looking back on photos. You do not want to look back at old photos and see a neighbor’s house, a random street, or a background filled with various distractions and clutter.

Help create clean and stylish backgrounds with wooden privacy fencing. Privacy fencing stands taller than traditional fences and will help fill the background for a number of the photos you take.

Once the fence gets installed, photo portraits may be taken right up against the fence. The privacy fence also provides a comfortable backyard setting and helps reduce the natural noise from other neighbors and traffic in the area.

When you select the privacy fencing style, there are multiple options to choose from. There’s a horizontal panel wood fencing with large boards. Picture frame fences feature a frame of wood around the edges which could add some nice shadows and lighting effects to the photos you take.

Certain fence materials can reflect natural light too, which can remove harsh shadows from your subject.

3. Backyard Pergolas

When you attempt to take pictures in the backyard, one of the main problems you run into is harsh lighting. Family members may squint in photos, or their faces could be washed out or barely visible.

Help reduce the amount of direct sunlight in the backyard with the installation of a backyard pergola. A pergola offers a lot of natural shade as the structure typically features wood panels across the top.

The shade allows for more even lighting in family photos you take and offers some nice relief during hot days. A pergola may be installed over a patio area or as its own separate structure. A whole family may stand underneath the pergola for a group photo or the area may be used to capture everyday shots of the family hanging out and spending time together.

Decorations may also be set up on a pergola to capture special occasions and moments. For example, if one of the children has a birthday party, a banner may hang from the pergola to enhance photos and add a nice backdrop to any of the pictures you take.

While the upgrades provide great ways to enhance photos, they all come with several other benefits to enhance the backyard. Contact us at Harco Exteriors, LLC, to find out more information on our various products and get a free estimate for your next backyard project.

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